Dave Fanning – The Thing Is….

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When my teacher suggested for me to read some autobiographies / biographies it was a no brainer for me as to which was going to be the first one for me to read!

My dad had a copy of Dave Fannings autobiograpgy ‘the thing is…….’ so after checking with my dad that he thought it was ok for me to read, I made a start on it.

Dave Fanning –  the thing is…….

I was lucky enough to meet Dave Fanning when I was 8 years old when I visited 2FM on 14th February 2020 to interview Keith Walsh.

Myself & Dave!

While I didn’t grow up with Dave on the radio the way my mam and dad did, I knew Dave was a legend and I was delighted to meet with him and chat about some of the music I was into with him.

Reading his autobiography was great and I was reading it as if it was Dave reading it ……in his fast paced voice!

Have a listen to my review of the book here or via the YouTube video  linked below.